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Annual Report 2005

Documents Association of New Jersey, Inc. (DANJ)

          The purpose of the Documents Association of New Jersey (DANJ) is “to promote the use and further access to government information in libraries in the New Jersey area.” The primary accomplishments of DANJ toward this purpose are summarized below:

The State Documents Interest Group (SDIG)

Under the leadership of Deborah Mercer, the SDIG received a grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission in the amount of $8,200. The money from the grant was used to digitize the annual reports from the Bureau of Statistics.  These reports are now available on the New Jersey Digital Highway website.

After completing this project, there was grant money leftover. Deborah received approval from the New Jersey Historical Commission to use the leftover money to digitize the Annual Reports of the Inspector of Factories and Workshops, 1883-1904.

There are two awards presented by the SDIG. Winning the award for best printed “State Document of the Year” is the New Jersey Women’s Heritage Trail published by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Winning the award for the best “State Internet Site of the Year” is the New Jersey State Legislature website.

The Federal Documents Interest Group (FDIG)

Under the leadership of Laura Saurs, the FDIG spent this year discussing the future of the depository program and reacting to different GPO proposals including the print on demand proposal, the essential titles list, and the proposed cuts to print distribution.

In response to the print on demand resolution, members of the FDIG drafted a resolution that was distributed to the GPO and the New Jersey congressional delegation, as well as being published in the Progressive Librarian and the DANJ newsletter.

This is Laura’s last year on the Depository Library Council. We all want to thank her for her service, but we will really miss getting the inside scoop on information about the Federal Depository Library Program.

International Documents Interest Group (IDIG)

This year, Susan Lyons succeeded Mary Fetzer as the chair of the IDIG. The IDIG usually meets once per year. Susan plans to hold a meeting in December focusing on European Union documents.

The Web Page

With the help of Catherine Pontoriero, Rebecca Zarabi transferred the DANJ webpage hosting to Go Daddy, an independent company. This decision was made because we were not able to update information on the website in a timely fashion while it was being hosted at the Rutgers website. Now, information on meetings, announcements and accomplishments can be updated on the website much faster. Catherine transferred all the documents from the old host to the new host and updated the appearance of the website. She has done a great job of revamping the website and getting us back up to speed. We hope that the website will get more traffic in the future.

The Continuing Education Committee

In April, DANJ members were also treated to a hands on presentation from Rhonda Allard of the National Library of Medicine. Much of the presentation was centered on Medline Plus.

The head of the Continuing Education Committee, Ann Grice, received much needed help from Deborah Mercer during the planning of this year’s annual conference. This year’s conference is titled “Capital Resources : Treasures in Your State Capital.” The conference will feature speakers who will discuss preserving digitally born Capital treasures as well as discussing the upcoming gubernatorial elections. In the afternoon, registrants will be given the opportunity to take tours of the New Jersey State Library, the State Archives, and the State House.

The Newsletter

This year, Dorothy Warner published two newsletters.  Dorothy invites contributions from all DANJ members. The Newsletter is an effective communication tool for DANJ members.


In addition to serving as Vice President, Geetali Basu kindly served as membership chair this year. DANJ currently has 49 members.

The Government Documents Award

The 2005 winner of the DANJ award for Outstanding Achievement in a Government Documents Paper is Anne Marie Lyons. The title of the winning paper is “A Social History of Paperwork Reform Efforts.”

By Laws

This year, members of DANJ voted to approve changes to the Bylaws. The Bylaws will be available in the near future on the DANJ website.


This was another productive year for DANJ. Accomplishments and achievements would not be possible without a dedicated group of active members. I would like to thank everyone for their support and help this past year. It has been an honor to serve as President of the Documents Association of New Jersey.

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